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2020, №5 (10-12) issue of the Journal

TACTO: A Fast, Flexible and Open-source Simulator for High-Resolution Vision-based Tactile Sensors
Shaoxiong Wang, Mike Lambeth, Po-Wei Chou, Roberto Calandra
Pedestrian Behavior Prediction for Automated Driving: Requirements, Metrics, and Relevant Features
Michael Herman, Jörg Wagner, Vishnu Prabhakaran, Nicolas Möser, Hanna Ziesche, Waleed Ahmed, Lutz Bürkle, Ernst Kloppenburg, Claudius Gläser
Towards open and expandable cognitive AI architectures for large-scale multi-agent human-robot collaborative learning
Georgios Th. Papadopoulos, Margherita Antona, Constantine Stephanidis
Efficient Trajectory Planning for Multiple Non-holonomic Mobile Robots via Prioritized Trajectory Optimization
Juncheng Li, Maopeng Ran, Lihua Xie
Public receptions as one of the important national institutions in realization of the right of every person to appeal  in the Republic of Uzbekistan O Fayziev
Increasing student creative activity through the application of design elements in technology lessons N.M. Kadirova
 Challenges of Equitable Vaccine Distribution in the COVID-19 Pandemic Joseph Bae, Darshan Gandhi, Jil Kothari, Sheshank Shankar
Involuntary unemployment in overlapping generations model due to the instability of the economy Yasuhito Tanaka
Edoardo Gallo, Darija Halatova, Alastair Langtry
How many people are infected? A case study on SARS-CoV-2 prevalence in Austria Estimating the Impact of Weather on Agriculture Jeffrey D. Michler, Anna Josephson, Talip Kilic, Siobhan Murray
Split-then-Combine simplex combination and selection of forecasters Antonio Martin Arroyo, Aranzazu de Juan Fernandez
 An Empirical Evaluation On The Effectiveness Of Medicaid Expansion Across 49 States Tung Yu Marco Chan
National Accounts as a Stock-Flow Consistent System, Part 1: The Real Accounts Matti Estola, Kristian Vepsäläinen
Green governments Niklas Potrafke, Kaspar Wuthrich
Optimal switch from a fossil-fueled to an electric vehicle Paolo Falbo, Giorgio Ferrari, Giorgio Rizzini, Maren Diane Schmeck
Leveling Down and the COVID-19 Lockdowns: Uneven Regional Recovery in UK Consumer Spending John Gathergood, Fabian Gunzinger, Benedict Guttman-Kenney, Edika Quispe-Torreblanca, Neil Stewart
Using innovational technologies in teaching foreign languages based on the CLIL program Narkuzieva Zebo Kamolovna
Issues of quantification of crimes committed with jealousy motivation Zakirova Umida Alisherovna
Obtaining lubricants for heavily loaded friction units Soipov S.I., Rizaev A.N.